The Challenge:

How do we improve communication between consumers and the utilities to build a more responsive and secure grid?

Our Solution:

ReGrid promotes grid resiliency by building stronger relationships between consumers and utilities. Monetary incentives and game-style achievement levels encourage consumers to actively engage with their utility.Through our app, the consumer has the power to participate in load reduction savings days, learn about energy efficient choices, compare their usage to other customers, view and pay their bill, and report power outages or line damage all on one easy platform. This integration streamlines the recovery process for both the consumer and the supplier, bringing the power back on faster and reducing economic losses. Increasing the disaster response efficiency of the utility is only one part of grid resiliency. Encouraging user energy efficiency promotes a more resilient grid by reducing total load and smoothing spikes in usage. This results in a more stable grid that is less susceptible to outages and more able to bounce back quickly when it does go down.